spring break day 9


{this is a fabulous picture of the well-trained to smile birthday boy [Daynen Staker’s mama is the incredibly talented photographer Sara Staker], but a terrible picture of Sela giving him some birthday loves…}

still trying…
Check out the balloons – this entertainer was the expert of all experts at balloon-making!
a 3 foot tall clown holding a cake with one candle for the birthday boy!
Optimus Prime! a penguin… a dragonfly… the kids loved his juggling skills – first with plungers then with fire torches!

The pinata – we had to make sure KJ didn’t take off Sela’s head…
THANK YOU Staker family for inviting us to celebrate Daynen’s 1st birthday with a very fun, perfectly hosted, darling party! We love your family! {{{hugs}}}

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  1. Thanks so much for coming! It was soooo fun to have so many of Daynen’s “adoring fans” all over to celebrate with us! We love you all and are happy to share our lives with you in ways big and small!

    (And THANKS again for the BOUNCE-HO– USES! They were a hit!) 🙂

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