spring break day 7

Destination: Lehi 🙂
We had a CRAZY amount of fun on this golf cart!
I didn’t even know you could rent them at the Gardens. We toured the tulip festival and children’s discovery gardens, this is definitely the way to do it!
we had a little contest to see who could throw their coins in the highest fountain…

we dined for lunch at the “Trellis Cafe,” it was cute and good…then we headed to FARM COUNTRY…

Sela was scared of every animal…fake or real at FARM COUNTRY, trembling-terrified kind of scared…Then we went to the Dinosaur Museum… Imagine, Sela was scared during the Dinosaur movie, hehe.

Myla & KJ’s favorite thing is the Erosion Table, Kiana was a good sport today and played with them too.
For dinner we hooked up with friends and tried out the Tepanyaki’s in Lehi…always a good choice. We had a long line-up of kids!The HOT NOW sign was flashing on our way home, so we turned in for donuts…
KJ was so happy!

And, I have to share this picture –
I stopped in IKEA this morning to buy some gifts, but grabbed this little Construction set for my tool-loving son. I gave it to him tonight and left the room for a while… When I came back in the kitchen, he had on MY ski goggles while beginning to build a helicopter…

Mom: “hey buddy, What are the goggles for?”
KJ: “I needed to be like Bob the Builde
r, he always wears these.”

5 responses to “spring break day 7”

  1. What a fun spring break! I love that you are doing something fun everyday! I am getting some great ideas for things to do with my boys!! Your kids must be loving so much fun “mom time”!

  2. Wow! You really are the funnest mom. Everytime I read your blog I tell myself that I need to do more:)

  3. my neck of the woods! what a fun-filled day! i absolutely love everything you can do at thanksgiving point.

  4. Troy and I looooove Lehi. It’s just so green and pretty when you come around the point of the mountain, especially in the spring.
    KJ is killing me in those ski goggles!

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