spring break day 5

I have no idea how many times I have driven past the Nickelcade, and we have never been there…so we ventured inside today. The kids liked it, I’m not sure if we will go again, but it’s checked off our local list of activities now.
Kiana read “Nim’s Island” in school, so she’s been asking to go.

Really, this is a movie that was made for my Myla. Nim is an ideal soul friend for her. I was {once again} charmed by Gerard Butler…

After watching the preview for “Meet Dave” with Eddie Murphy.

KJ leaned over to me and said:
“Mom, those little people…they freak me out a little bit. Lets not see that one…”

2 responses to “spring break day 5”

  1. I am cracking up at KJ’s comment about “those little people.” That is hilarious!! I love what kids say!

  2. Nim would be the perfect soul friend for my Grace too…maybe we should get she and Myla together so they could be soul friends too! =)

    I’ve never been to the Nicklecade either. Good for you for trying something new. I need to get out of my ruts more…thanks for the inspiration!

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