spring break day 4

We took Salt Lake by storm again, today.
dined for lunch at –
Then we headed to the Gateway. Such a fun place.


Third stop, the fountains!

Lastly, we shopped & had an ice cream break. Sela stayed awake the entire day till we made it to the car about 6:30pm and she was asleep in her car seat before we got out of the parking garage.

9 responses to “spring break day 4”

  1. I see you have quickly mastered your new camera – those fountain shots are amazing!
    How was your cheese with a little crust? I am having flashbacks to college and to that wonderful pizza!

  2. I can tell you used your new lense in the fountain pictures, they are gorgeous!! Sela is so beautiful and looks like you guys had a fun filled day!!!
    We love the Pie Pizzaria!

  3. Wow what great pictures looks like you guys are having a fun spring break. I have to agree the fountain pictures are so cute and sela is beautiful.

  4. The pictures of your kids at the fountains are just georgeous!!! Are you just LOVING your new camera? Fun, fun, fun!

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