spring break day 2

Ogden, Utah
Myla was my very own personal alarm clock this morning. She woke up at “3:58” to make sure when I woke up at 4:00am, I didn’t get ready and leave without her. The original plan was for her to stay home and go to her outdoor soccer game and hitch a ride to Ogden later in the day with Danny. But, remembering, that Kiana and I went indoor surfing in Ogden without her last time, she was adamant that I was not leaving without her and she was NOT going to stay home for her game.

Kiana/Jr. Company competed this morning at the “L.A. Dance” Competition. They have 5 team dances now, and I have not shown the new one “Christian’s dance” but I wasn’t allowed to video today, so hopefully I can at the next comp. Jr. company did GREAT, and took Gold/High-Gold in all of their categories. Way to go, Jr. company!!!

Afterwards, we had lunch and toured downtown Ogden a bit. We found a really quaint Art Gallery and toured the downtown “Union Station” which is now a train museum.

THEN, The Howell Boys, Savannah Dalton, Isabel, Kiana, Myla, and I went Indoor Surfing at the FLOWRIDER, again! This time we reserved/rented the entire hour just for us. It was awesome! We love it. Of course, Danny Howell is the king of water sports and was a total show-off! He even made boogie boarding look amazing.

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  1. So fun! We totally have to do this sometime! My boys(especially the biggest one!) would love love LOVE it!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I have never even heard of that place. My girls would die to go there.

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