spelt bread

rora {my favorite park city gal, right?}

spelt bread comes in many many nasty frozen forms. avoid those at all expense.

I LOVE Prairie Grain’s spelt bread-Locally, I find it at Alberston’s, Macy’s, Good Earth, and occasionally at Wal-Mart. If you are a fan of wheat bread at all, you will LOVE spelt bread and then once you’ve actually tried it, unless your budget gets cut I doubt you will ever look back!

I have two pieces of toasted spelt bread, buttered, every morning for my “second” breakfast. With one cup of sugar-free/decaffeinated mocha-I add three “splenda with fiber” to my cup…It’s uber yummy to dip my toast in the mocha, mmm mmm mmm

I hope this helps!

How is everyone doing? sugar-free? weekends are SO much harder than weekdays to stay off sugar, be prepared! Make sure you know what you are going to be eating ahead of time, or else temptation could prevail!

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  1. I’m suffering from sugar withdrawal. So tired. I’ve looked everywhere for spelt bread and have yet to find it (whole foods is kind of far). I’ve been substituting this sugar free wheat bread (that has 0 sugars) but I’m still looking for the real thing. Maybe Texans don’t like spelt.

  2. So, I am going to try and go 30 days sugar free starting tomorrow.( we will see if I can go longer)
    I need a little more help on what to eat though…. Could you post a few more meal ideas? 🙂

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