space needle

the next stop on our trip…

{our handsome driver. i looove his racing stripes!}

even though i have visited it many times before, i still love going to the space needle whenever i am in seattle. the view – on a clear day is so unreal. you just don’t realize how the city comes together with all that city and all that water unless you get 520 feet above ground.

this year the space needle is fifty years old! in honor of the event, it is currently painted in it’s original colors.

did you know… that there is a restaurant at the space needle that actually rotates around the needle while you are dining? it really freaked out our kids. in fact, kiana was a little queasy the entire time we were there. but, it’s so cool. while you dine, you rotate so that you get to enjoy the entire 360 degree views of the city. when i was younger, i had a cousin who was married here, and since then i’ve been fascinated with the rotating restaurant. have you been?

{photos by me.}

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  1. hey Jane…my sixth grade class from Provo Utah made a bus trip up to the world fair in 1962 and I got to go up in the space needle. It was very scary to this little girl from Provo. I bought a metal statue of it but I don’t know what happened to it. I’d love to travel up there again, I remember how beautiful and green everything was. thanks for the memories.

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