sometime around 5am, this little sugar gets in our bed almost every morning…

{me on the left, sela in the middle, dusty snapping a picture on his i-phone at dawn}

she doesn’t start out sleeping upside down…

in fact, she doesn’t start out in our bed!
she goes to sleep in her bed, wakes up around 4am and gets in our bed…
then she manages to flip herself around and end up in this position

almost every morning.

we love her snuggles. the sweet yummy smell of her hair. her giggles as she is waking up and we tickle her…

but we do not like those feet, those feet that end up by our head…

kicking us. in the back. in the head. the back again.

there is a definite give and take to loving the kid-snuggles and loving a kid-free bed!

we wouldn’t trade either, for anything.

2 responses to “sometime around 5am, this little sugar gets in our bed almost every morning…”

  1. Jane, This is Jamie Palica and I just wanted to tell you how DARLING your blog is! I honestly check it everyday to see all the cute pictures and read everything.. your such a talented writer and artist as i can see from your blog! Just stopping by to let you know. 🙂

    – Jamie Palica

  2. Ha ha! Priceless! I can never sleep when my kids are in my bed. You guys are awfully generous 😉

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