soldier hollow

Our neighborhood {and some extra friends} have a new-er tradition of going to soldier hollow every year over the christmas vacation. I actually plan the event and couldn’t make it this week because our little sela has been sick. {she’s doing much better now.} sela is the clingy-est child with her momma and when she’s sick, it multiplies how clingy she is with me. so, sela and I stayed home where it was warm and Dusty took kiana, myla, and kj tubing!!!

They had a blast!

daphne was the incredible bff who took pictures for me since I didn’t make it.

kiana with friends-
bree, myla, and madi
tegan, kj, and brevin
part of the group; many amazing friends-utah is beautiful, all year long.

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  1. We so missed you! It was so funny once again when KJ and My kids would see each other. It just totally makes me smile. He is such a sweetie.
    Lets go again!

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