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Have you noticed the new trend to make your own soda at home? SodaStream is everywhere. For father’s day I wanted to set-up a make-your-own soda bar as part of our party, and use this idea without the soda maker appliance. however, I did use the SodaStream syrups for flavoring. Some people prefer to have a mix of their own homemade soda and brands similar to DRY orange bubbly because they like the option and I hear their product is great!

It was a fun way to serve beverages to kids and adults alike.

take a look:

Using airtight cylindrical bottles, I created homemade labels with this font & applied these to the bottles with gold washi tape.

Next, using a funnel i poured the syrups into each bottle and sealed.

The syrup colors looked so pretty in the jars!

I wanted our guests to be able to make soda or italian cream sodas. To do this, I also added one bottle of half ‘n half, in a glass bottle that was designed slightly different than the other bottles.

I used mason jars for each guest and of course – stripy straws.

to make…

1. scoop of ice
2. 1 oz. syrup of choice {i used shot glass size 1 oz. measuring glasses on the bar}
3. add sparkling water {we used small bottles of polar seltzer water, pellegrino, and perrier}
4. stir & enjoy!

need more syrup? more cream? more ice? make it as slushy, creamy, and sweet as you’d like!

cheers to summer! this would be a fun bar for any 4th of july festivities – happy soda parties!

{sources: cylindrical bottles. soda syrups. mason jars. stripey straws.}

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  1. I LOVE this! I think it’s too late for me to throw this together for the 4th of July. Maybe a back to school party?

  2. I love this idea! How cool is that? I’m definitely, definitely trying this at my next family function.

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