…you know, when your friend calls and says, “hey, you want to plan a girls day at my cabin to snow-shoe & have lunch next week?” and you make her repeat it because you’re pretty sure she just said “snow-shoe & have lunch next week at my cabin” in the same sentence and snow-shoeing isn’t exactly something you do every day and surely you misunderstood her. but you didn’t. and you’re really glad when you agree to go.

this past monday, i felt so fabulous, lucky, and blessed to be out in nature, in one of the most heavenly-winter-scenic-places-on-earth, under billowy clouds shielding snowflakes-ready-to-fall on a plain-old week day that i posted on facebook, “right this minute: snow-shoeing… on a monday.” and i’m just wondering how many times i can say snow-shoeing in this post. snow-shoeing. snow-shoeing. snow-shoeing, that’s hard to say, eh?

{my friend – the owner of the cabin, is canadian… i have to throw in a little ‘eh whenever possible, too!}

days like this give me stored energy to conquer the rest of my week.

i feel so passionate about living a balanced life. especially as a woman raising daughters. i know many of us try to do everything, everyday. and, life can be exhausting.

we need fun girl time + devoted mom time + one-on-one with the ‘significant-other’ time + alone time + regular exercise + lazy days + eating healthy + indulging on sweets + working very hard + playing hard + time inside + time outside + cooking at home + eating out + tending to our spirituality + pop couture + taking care of ourselves + serving others + cleaning the house + allowing for messes + this list could go on and on and on, eh?

out of all these things, i believe as women, and more so, as mothers/sisters/aunts, we need the younger generation to see us taking care of ourselves. whether they observe us making efforts to be healthy, they see us reading, crafting, being involved in our communities, most of all – making full-hearted endeavors to being happy.

girls need women in their lives who let them know it is not selfish to take care of themselves. eh?

be that example.

and, go snow-shoeing, if possible.

7 responses to “snow-shoeing.”

  1. Here here to everything! To your wise words that are so so true…to snowshoeing on a Monday! To fantastic friends who'll make the effort to be together…to generous friends who offer! Great great day!! Like you said…it gave me stored up enthusiasm for the whole rest of the week. Laundry takes on a whole new meaning when I've already spent a day in nature with good friends.

  2. oh my, i say we have a girls "overnighter" that cabin looks awesome!!

    so bummed i missed out, but so glad you won the obstacle! bahaha still would love to hear the real story!

    i agree with dusty, you are gorgeous!

  3. Thank you so much for the reminder! It is an amazing privilege to be a women, but sometimes so hard to keep all of our joy in alignment.

    I love your blog and your positivity. You live a wonderful life, and don't seem to take one moment for granted. I love that!

  4. Three things…

    1. Being Canadian myself, I love the "eh's" haha!

    2. That cabin is GORGOEUS!

    3. You are seriously such an inspiration. You're always so positive and your writing could make ANYONE feel inspired. Your girls (and boy!) are so so lucky to have you as a mom!

  5. So bummed I had to miss it! I vote we have a girls day again asap!! I'm in NEED! love all the pictures! What a beautiful group of women!
    BTW~once this baby is out, I will be able to "play" a lot more:)

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