snow angels…

I thought it would be fun for the kids to swim in the winter…

so…Dusty & Danny started shoveling, sweeping, breaking ice, shoveling, sweeping, breaking ice, shoveling, sweeping, and once again shoveling snow OFF the pool yesterday. They then had to unfreeze a hose by running hot water through it for about an hour, work some magic to get the pump/heater running and then 24+ hours later the pool heated from a cold 49 degrees to a very toasty 99 degrees.

The results~MylaKianaEliEthanEthan~Jonah~Eli~KianaMylaSela~KJ

2 responses to “snow angels…”

  1. Those are some Crazy kids!! so fun though!
    I love the Pictures of Soldier Hollow, thanks so much!
    And thanks so much for putting that together, it was so cool to hang out with everyone!

  2. You are a riot! I love the snow angels and want to know if you did one too??? Enjoy the Wii, it’s one of our favorites!!!

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