{muffin tin snacks via armelle, via ohdeedoh, via muffin tin mom}

last week, i spotted this idea on the www.,
and soon after surprised my younger three kids after school
with their first muffin tin meals/snacks.

you can see by my little mister’s response, they were a hit!

have you ever tried muffin tins for organizing snacks? or anything?

there’s so many ways to be creative with snack-time, what do you do???

i, personally, grab a diet tea & protein bar on the run, and snack in the car!

{first photo collage via armelle, all other photos by me. not a sponsored post.}

11 responses to “snack-time.”

  1. This is a must try for my boys…and their friends most likely. I'm gonna be the coolest mom on the block.
    Thanks Jane!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring muffin tin meals on your sie. Your son's reaction is EXACTLY why I have been doing it for the past few years.

  3. I found that muffin tin mom blog a while back and have done them for my girls a few times. Such a cute idea and always helpful in getting them to eat everything you put out.

  4. Thx for the Snack time tip! I am going to use this for my 3 boys. the minni muffin pans would be fun too. My mind is swirling of ideas to fill the tins with.

    And My snack time is usually a Luna protein bar. I love the Lemon Zest and the peppermint chocolate one! And I am loving Bigelow green tea with Mango!
    But today I must admit I broke down and drank a Monster energy drink. How is your no soda going?

  5. love the muffin tin snack idea… I have 9 grandkids who would think that grandma is so fun and COOL too!!! I'm usin it..thanks for sharing Jane.

  6. Super cute idea! I'm always making toothpick snacks-and with my bird eaters-toothpick meals even. I'm gonna use that!

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