Sleepless in Tokyo… with my Moosey

Well… Moose and I were flying to Manila today and ended up getting stranded in Tokyo (where Moosey happily remembered Savannah lived). We ended up getting a night at the Radisson on Delta with meals, shuttle service, etc. I used my sweet demeanor to get us 35,000 miles, rerouted to Hong Kong directly (we were going there the next day) in business class, a $100 off coupon for another flight and a meal at Narita.
We decided to take a dip in the pool the next morning… it was outside and FREEZING cold… I was hoping to trick Myla and acted like it was nice and warm when touching it with my toes… before I could coax her to jump in she gave me a big push… WONDERFUL WAY TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING… seriously must have been in the low 60’s.
After Myla finally stopped laughing at me screaming and paddling my hardest to get out quickly we went to the indoor pool where we had to wear swimming hats (until the lady left anyway).
I wasn’t the best example for the other little boys playing… I got Myla to skim board and they started doing it until their GOOD mother quickly put an end to it and an evil eye in my direction.

That didn’t slow Myla and I down though… when everyone left we had contests to see who could sling the float boards the farthest. 🙂

These pictures reminded me of a time not so long ago (2001)in Florida swimming with Moose… tattoo and all…

More to come on Myla and Dusty’s adventure to the Orient… Jane and Kiana are at nationals in L.A. while KJ and Sela are having fun with their aunts in Nevada.

2 responses to “Sleepless in Tokyo… with my Moosey”

  1. ooooh! cute post baby papa! what an awesome awesome night in tokyo! too bad napierski's aren't there! we miss you. miss. miss. miss.

    where did that pic of you and moose in florida come from? breaks my heart how fast time flies.

    keep having fun – please try to get moosey to disney hong kong!

    do you have your asia cell phone with you yet? i will try and call tomorrow.


  2. Dusty, i love that you are blogging this!!
    Way to go DADDY! I love that you were the naughty adult doing dangerous, rule breaking games. haha

    Such wonderful memories…

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