sleeping beauties

last night, when I finally went to bed, there was no room for mama in my own bed. this is a common sight around here, all the kids & Kaymen in my bed. Each of the kids likes to sleep in my bed with their favorite “grandma Connie quilt” with them. It’s a good thing we have 7 bedrooms.?. I mean, in a few years we might actually use them. ??? Kaymen always slept with us pre-kids then as he was bumped down the totem pole 4 times he was usually kept in his own space/room somewhere. But, as of lately, with his old age, he has been allowed to sleep with me again. The strange thing is, he’s the hardest one to sleep with. If any of us move our feet or legs during the night under the covers and it bumps him in any way above, he snarls and growls at us.
On another note, I re-did the bedding in my room lately. I stuck with the neutral scheme I have going through the bathroom…this is a very old picture, but it shows my old bedding…It includes a queen/king size duvet cover, 2 euro pillow cases, and 2 queen pillow cases that match. If anyone is interested in these, they’re free! First come, first serve. 🙂 But, family trumps friends, sorry.

7 responses to “sleeping beauties

  1. I love it! Looks so fresh! And it seems I always have one or two kids in my bed too! Hey Id just take it as that they love their mama! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it great snuggling with your kids. It has been really hard for me to not let Hallie sleep in my bed everynight with Curt gone. I don’t want her to get in the habbit too much though.

    Love the new bedding!

  3. How sweet that they are all sleeping together…my guess is that someday you will miss the sight of them all curled up in YOUR bed!

  4. Oooooh… love the new bedding (and the old too)! Your kiddos look so cute all passed out in Mom and Dad’s bed.

  5. I am so glad to see that I am not the only one with the whole family in one bed!!!! I never realized that KJ and My Carson are the same age.

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