my girls have finished their second year of art school. in february they both needed to take a picture to art to start their new pieces and kiana and myla decided together to both take a picture of their younger brother and sister…

after hours, and hours, and hours, the results –

i have the original pictures posted so you can see what they used as a reference

myla did a pastel of kj~

and kiana did a pastel of sela~

i absolutely love them! they are now hanging in our home, and maybe one day kj and sela will do art pieces of their older sisters…and I will have a complete collection. that would be so cool.

7 responses to “sibling-art”

  1. i’d say pretty stinkin’ talented! i can’t even draw a good stick figure.

    i hope they get to finish your art collection, that would be sweet!

    p.s. love the gao reference…clever! looks like fun.

  2. So talented! They both did a beautiful job. You need to have them do one of each other, that way you wont have to wait!

  3. oh my, what amazing little Artists you have! Seriously i love that they did pictures of their siblings. Absolutley worth Framing!

    They must have one amazing teacher!

  4. WOW! What a wonderful job your girls did. Way better than I could ever do, for sure. So cool.

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