sew much fun!





an even more affordable alternative –

card board sewing, idea from here.“Just cut out simple shapes from cardboard and punch holes in it. (In and of itself a fun activity.) Wrap tape around a piece of yarn or ribbon to make it easier to thread and ta-da! Toddler sewing. ”

have sew much fun!!!


{{{big hugs, myla moosey!!! we miss you & your sewing kit is home waiting for you!!!}}}

4 responses to “sew much fun!”

  1. I am glad that you posted this, Kate would love it! She has been crocheting pot holders and she has been having so much fun!

  2. Another cute idea. I may need to do this with my activity girls too. Thanks for sharing.

    p.s. You're nice to have them all over without your Myla. I bet they love you!

  3. Savannah had so much fun with those kits. Thank you for thinking of her. And for letting Avers crash the party.

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