my little man is seven years old today.

i jumped on top of his bed to wake him up this morning, snuggles galore.
all the while singing, “happy birthday”, we gave him seven ‘halo’ mega-blok sets, and whisked him off to our traditional family birthday breakfast at magleby’s.

he’s one very happy little man. he makes me very happy.

seven looks good on him. he’s missing most of his front teeth. he’s mastering chivalry. loves opening doors for the girls in his life. loves video games. computer games. tennis. golf. swimming. baseball. boston red sox fan. huge michael jackson fan. outstanding student. cereal and chocolate are his basic food groups.

wants to grow-up and be a marine.

we celebrated his birthday last weekend kj-style with a army-themed party…

bex took amazing pictures, they’ll be posted soon!

3 responses to “seven.”

  1. crazy, my girls are the bigesst Mj fans I know. They even did their duo to him this year.
    IO cannot believe he is that old.

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