Seven Peaks Water Park

We had our second trip of the summer to Seven Peaks yesterday. We went with great friends & had lots of fun! It was a HOT day, and perfect for being in water all day. Here are the younger kids in our group –

Crew & Sela
The older kids; these kids are so cute together, they will all be in 3rd grade at a private school in the same class this next year and they are such great friends! They spent the day going non-stop on slides
KJ adores Olivia & Hayes {twins} and it’s so great he had them to play with because he doesn’t have an interest hanging out with the older kids to do slides all day! He wants his Momma if he goes down a slide…
Our thrill-chasers: Chase, Myla, & Boston went down this yellow slide over & over & over. They all went down that blue slide, once.
Bri, Myla & Chase on the BOOMERANG
All the kids…
Hayes was copying whatever KJ would do, so he was striking all these funny poses!
the Momma’s…with Livi & KJ

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  1. How fun!! I loved going to Seven Peaks when we lived closer!! I need to move there so Kate can join all of those cute almost 3rd graders, she would LOVE it!!

  2. Such a fun day! Thanks for coming! Wait for me to come home and we’ll do it again and Lagoon!

  3. I loved it!! I seriously just laugh at those pictures of KJ-Hayes& Livi.
    They will have a blast this weekend too, i am so excited!

  4. You guys are hot mama’s! And your kids are so bold! I love it. My boys are overly cautious. It drives me a little crazy at times.

  5. I love, love, love Seven Peaks! Call me next time you go or I’ll call you!
    Looks like a fun day with all the kiddos!

  6. Jane, Becky told me that it’s time to turn in my jersey. I’m in Orem all the time. Do you want me to drop it by your house? Or I could give it to you on Friday if you come to pilates. Let me know…

  7. You guys are having such summer fun. I must admit I’m a little bit jealous as we had our fun during the winter and are now hiding out indoors!

    The picture of KJ and the kids posing is priceless! You girlies look great – I love your retro suit!

  8. Okay, so I’ll be in Orem tomorrow around noon. Do you want me to swing the jersey by? Also, do you want to do Pilates Monday or Friday? I need to give Jim a head’s up. He doesn’t like to have too many people to train at once. Let me know…:)

  9. Okay, I was going to skip getting passes this year because hauling a cooler and a stroller full of crap all the way across the parking lot in the 100 degree heat with an extra 25 pounds strapped my belly under my skin, only to wrestle with Daynen all day and have him inevitably drown, did not sound nearly as fun as just strolling across the lawn to our neighbor’s waterpark a couple days a week… BUT, alas, I caved and bought passes yesterday for all of us, including ALLI (SO she can baby-wrangle while I read)… I’ll call you when we are back in town and we’ll have to pick a day to go! 🙂

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