Sela’s NIX socks

9 responses to “Sela’s NIX socks

  1. Too cute! How do you get her to keep them on? We are currently in a pulling shoes and socks off phase over here.

    p.s. Troy and I are working our tag tonight

  2. Very cute! I love the bedding. I am currently looking for new bedding for Hallie’s room. I’m not sure what route I want to go yet.

  3. So super-duper cute! 🙂 Can I get some in my size? Actually, on 2nd thought, they wouldn’t have nearly the same effect! Darn…

  4. She is so darling. Today I was out with the kids in the neighborhood and we all kind of ended up in your backyard. Your mom was with Sela and Sela all of a sudden figured out how to make KJs 4 wheeler go. Your mom was so worried and stayed right with her. Sela was so proud of herself and couldn’t quite figure out what was scaring Grandma. She thought she was very cool!

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