sela’s little gym final show & to my beautiful friend shannon…happy birthday, chuck e cheese style!

sela finished her class at the little gym.

she loved it, every week. sela was always so excited to go!

on the final day, the kids/instructors had a finale for all the parents/siblings to watch.

i picked up all the kids at 10:15 am on their last day of school, dusty met us there, and sela had her whole family there to cheer for her!

sela performed just about the same as she did for her dance rehearsal.

timid. fingers in her mouth.

near the end of the show, she started to perform a little bit more,
and was very pleased to receive her medal!

her and her friend cozette, showing off their medals! i think the biggest feat of all was standing on that beam, without falling off to pose with their medals!

my beautiful friend, shannon, is cozette’s momma.

her husband, arrived at the finale, with a HUGE ‘happy birthday!’ balloon…

i said, “it’s not Cozy’s birthday…her birthday is near sela’s in the Fall…”

and Shannon laughed with a reply, “no, it’s mine. that balloon is for me!”

ha! look at it! it’s HUGE! way to go, mr. child, i love that you’re still delivering balloons to your gorgeous wifey after all these years!

best part of it all?

with her large balloon, we headed to chuck e. cheese to celebrate the final day of little gym, the final day of school, and

shannon’s birthday! woot. woot.

we made an attempt to squeeze in this ride for a photo.
it was way harder than i expected! i’m literally oozing out of it!

shannon, we still need to plan a real birthday lunch for you…minus pizza, kids rides, tokens, and cheap prizes!

5 responses to “sela’s little gym final show & to my beautiful friend shannon…happy birthday, chuck e cheese style!

  1. happy birthday shannon. you look gorgeous and i love that you got a HUGE balloon and celebrated at chuck e cheese…

  2. Sounds like the Rhode's Summer is starting off just right. Shannon is so beautiful and just had a baby! Can't wait to see everyone.
    Jen Napierski

  3. Love the birthday party for Shannon – Chuck E Cheese style. You guys are mommas to 8! That's just how we roll!

  4. Haha, I love those pictures, funny! thanks… I had such a great birthday weekend! Lvs to you my dear sweet friend!!!

    Oh and I may be calling you this week, the boys have been begging for KJ!

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