Sela’s halloween tu-tu

Talia has been making these adorable Halloween onesies and tu-tu’s and selling them at her salon “Lush Studio.” I planned on Sela wearing this little outfit to dance this week for Halloween. She was all dressed up and ready this morning and then the dance studio called and said her dance teacher was sick and the class was cancelled today, bummer! I still had to get some pictures of her playing in her room with her cute Halloween tu-tu!

Sela is our first child to suck her thumb, and our first child to have a “security object.” She has dragged along her chenille bumper {from her crib days} for at least 6 months now. She holds it next to her cheek and sucks her thumb, not just at nap time and bedtime. Any time of the day that she finds her bumper, she does this little routine. I think it’s just about the sweetest-cutest-snuggly thing of ever, but Dusty is known to rip it away from her and tell her to stop sucking her thumb!

6 responses to “Sela’s halloween tu-tu”

  1. oh that is the cutest Halloween tutu!
    She is so adorable in that outfit, and i love how she is a Thumb succer!

    Dusty you Mean-er! 😉

  2. Love her cute tutu!

    You will be pleased to know that Crew is our first child to have a security item and its the blanket you made him!

  3. my baby sister had a “softie” when she was a baby that was usually that silky side of her blanket BUT in a pinch she would use one of my mom’s nightgowns. imagine the horror one sunday when little sis brought the softie out in the middle of church and it definitely wasn’t the blanket.

    that tutu is just darling.

  4. Thank You! She looks so cute in it! That is sad the class got cancelled I made one for Shannon’s little girl to wear to the same class. Dang it.

  5. Oh, I think it’s cute! Sasha sucks her thumb. She’s also really attatched to a certain kind of burp cloth. I don’t think I’m going to worry about until it’s time to go to school. And her tu-tu is darling! I love the color combo.

  6. She is Absolutely DARLING! I love her tu-tu and her onesie, how cute!! I always wanted my girls to have a security blanket of sorts because I think it is so cute, but they had no interest in anything….

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