sela’s christmas tutu

this child is so spoiled. She’s two and has already owned about 6 tutu’s!

she wore her new christmas tutu to dance class today…

so yummy cute, i love it!
{she’s pointing to her pink toenails in this picture}{slea is TWO now and this onesie is a size 12 months! she’s such a tiny thing!}

3 responses to “sela’s christmas tutu”

  1. DARLING TuTu!

    Sounds like my kids with the Tiny things. I just found these old Jammies that Hayes loves to wear and they say 12-18 months. UGH!! I have been buying size 3 though. haha

  2. so i looooove my nephew to death and i am glad he’s a he. but is it OK that i’m kind of crossing my fingers that the one we are getting in April is a little girl??? i am DYING to buy cutesy girly things for the little one…

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