selabration #3

hear ye, hear ye!
her royal highness

had a grand affair for her birthday…

the princesses were so beautiful, and sweet.
it was sure that they each had a ball at the party.

the big disappointment of the evening?

sleeping beauty was supposed to make a visit to our castle,
but seemed to sleep through the event.

darn beauty sleep.

we’ll be having a playdate with all our little princesses again one of these days,
and the entertainment company i use,
they are offering us a free party for the inconvenience…

6 responses to “selabration #3”

  1. JANE! Such a cute party. Now I want details. Who made the adorable crowns and sacks? What was in the plastic? Big balloons? How did you do the water bottle labels? Sorry so many questions, but really it looks so cute! What a lucky little girl.

  2. darn that beauty sleep! hahaha
    honey that party was amazing! you are an excellent entertainer.
    the minute she got the invite, she was dying to get to sela's party.

  3. Thanks for a great time, you amaze me with your hosting abilities… be thinking of something I can do for Cozy's, I know you've got a million ideas up in that brain of yours!!

  4. Absolutely adorable party! You are always so creative and fun. That sucks about Sleeping Beauty not showing up! I'm sure the girls had a wonderful time anyway.

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