Sela: “Mom-mme, Where’s DayJay?”
me: “he’s at school.”
Sela: “Oh.”
Sela: “Mom-mme, Where’s sissy?” {this is the combo for Kiana and Myla}
me: “sissy’s at school.”
Sela: “Oh.”
Sela: “Mom-mme, Where’s Dad-dde?”
me: “he’s at work.”
Sela: “Oh.”

We have this conversation at least a dozen times a day.

Sela has entered a stage of denial/sadness/screaming that starts when everyone leaves in the morning, It ends when we pick up her DayJay and sissy’s after school…

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  1. Jane, you are too cute! You so don’t need my permission to do a post similar to my “100’s” post, but since you asked I would love to give you the full green light. 🙂

    You will love doing it. It was so much fun! I always enjoy things like that to get my creative juices flowing. Have fun!

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