sela is all-about playing with her friends these days…

so she is really loving her new little gym class with her buddy cozette, a.k.a. cozy.
all day long, sela will request,
“can i play with a friend?”
“can i go to a friends house?”
“will you call reagan and see if she can play?”

{reagan is almost twelve, she is her big sis’s friend.

sela believes full-heartedly that reagan is her bestie.}

from a young age, aren’t we just

so thankful for friends!?!

6 responses to “sela is all-about playing with her friends these days…”

  1. Oh my goodness! That looks like the funnest class ever! Sela is such a doll. I love that she hangs with the 12 year olds 🙂

  2. These pictures are SO cute!! Sela is adorable. Jane…thank you SO much for your comment on my blog, it meant so much to me-thank you! I agree with you completely on our kids playing together and us doing lunch…one day we will have to make that happen! Thank you again, you are so sweet and thoughtful!

  3. Yayee, I love when we make it into your "super cool" blog! Cozy went right to bed knowing that gym class was in the morn, hooray!!!
    She loves it and loves Sela-bella.

    I'm stealin' these pics…

  4. What a cute post! Little Gym is so fun for them and friends are the best ….. even when they are 3000 miles away! 🙂 Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

  5. Jane,
    Wowza! That is pretty crazy that you know Melissa and Terry as well as you do! I'll have to mention that I "met" you when I see them next. So I am guessing you went to SUU?
    Love those schools in the South. I went to Dixie, and fell in love with Sounthern Utah.

    Cute post. I have looked into Little Gym in my area, but I am going to wait until the newborn phase mumbo-jumbo has died down a bit.
    Thanks for the response. We'll have to keep in touch.


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