Sela @ 15 months

She keeps us on our toes!

5 responses to “Sela @ 15 months

  1. Sela~Bella is so cute! I love when she smiles her whole face lights up! This is a busy age too…I totally remember just cleaning up after them everywhere they went!

  2. SHe is so cute! Crew is into opening all the cupboards and dumping everything out. I love the curiosity but hate cleaning the mess!

  3. Jane- WoW! What a blast from the past. Your kids are darling. Sounds like you have a fun and crazy life. Did you ever think we would be this old?

  4. Jane, so fun to catch up and see your cute family. Wow, how time flies. Looks like you are doing fabulous, so excited to be able to catch up on your life!

  5. These pictures are making me even more excited for a girl! Where do you get all her cute little clothes? Love them!

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