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the most lovely jewelry this week!

by: the vintage pearl, a new sponsor here.

welcome, welcome!

i am just giddy for spring, and with my current zeal for all things warm to appear soon, i’ve begun preparations for easter. i just love personalized gifts. especially for my two oldest daughters, ages 10 & 12. I get so excited finding little treasures to give them in place of hoards of candy!

i discovered ‘the vintage pearl’ lately while searching for such treasures. erin, the jewelry designer behind ‘vintage pearl’ is soaked with talent! also, very generous by giving away {2} $50 gift certificates this week!

yes, that means TWO winners!

you must go check out the flower and a circle necklace, i just adore freshwater pearls, and they are included in almost each jewelry design! the mamabird necklace, cut from copper is so perfect for spring, and it is such a great price at $25! the vintage pearl offers a la carte pieces, bracelets, keepsakes. the cutest selection of personalized baby spoons if you are shopping for a baby gift.

the layered mother of pearl, pictured below is truly a gem! look at how many names you can fit on there! this would be the best mother’s day gift!

leave a comment below…

tell me, which piece of jewelry is your favorite?

the two winners will be announced on friday, good luck!

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64 responses to “see jane giveaway!”

  1. {jane}

    i think the layered mother of pearl would be a very special gift.
    you're blog is fantastic:)


  2. The bottom one is just amazing. What a wonderful idea for lots of names. I would love that for my Mom. How else could you get that many grandkids on a necklace.

  3. I love the dainty drops.

    I bought a necklace from Vintage Pearl for my sister at Christmas – it was a hit.

  4. Oh what choices! I love the simple initial on a chain – but I also love the hammered star! Hope to wear my kids around my neck! πŸ™‚

  5. I am a new visitor to your blog and have enjoyed reading about your wonderful ideas for artwork, diet, party planning, etc.

    I would love to be included in the giveaway if you don't mind. Dainty Drops is one of my favorites.

  6. This is my first time entering a giveaway! This jewelry is beautiful and so meaningful…I love it! I don't know that I can pick a favorite, they are all so great, but I will go with dainty drops.

  7. I love the Dainty Drops.
    I am Shannon's cousin, we met in Mazatlan at Pueblo.

    I really enjoy your creative ideas.

  8. I love so many of these simple and beautiful necklaces. I think that the layered mother of pearl is my favorite!

  9. What gorgeous jewelry designs. I love them all, but my favorite is the square with the little cream pearl.


  10. I adore the birthstone necklace. I have 2 cuties and their names would look so cute hanging around my neck. Love the jewelery and your blog!


  11. I need room for five kids plus the hubs so I'm liking the layered mother of pearl necklace. So great to always have them close to my heart.

  12. I love The simplicity of names on a chain or rectangle names on a chain. But they are all amazing. I would adore one. Thanks for the chance!

  13. Oooh, I love both the flower and circle and the layered mother of pearl. So pretty!

    I would love to win! πŸ™‚

  14. The layered mother of pearl is a must! My parents will celebrate 50 years of marriage the first part of May and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my mother's amazing accomplishments as a mother and grandmother.

  15. I love the layered mother of pearl necklace! Timeless piece to really represent all that mothers do!

  16. My favorite is the flower and a circle πŸ™‚ It would be perfect for Chanel & Crew! If I don't win I know what I want for my birthday ( which is this month) Cute cute find!!! I love all the necklaces!!

  17. My favorite is the Hammered Star necklace. I would of course add a second star for my two little sweets. Fun website, really beautiful and unique.

  18. OOZING, with talent….. So hard to choose. I keep going back to the layered mother of pearl. I LOVE it, along with everything else! Thanks for the chance!

  19. I think they are all so cute – but if I can only choose one I guess it would be flower and a circle.

  20. Thanks for doing this. I LOVE the Flowered Circle and the Layered Mothered but I'm not picky I would be happy with anything.

  21. Oh the decisions! I'm digging the flower and circle. But I also love the squares with the pearl. But then, I have a lot of kids so the layered circle might be good for me…
    Ok, I'll go with the squares. yes, the squares are my favorite!
    Thanks! (And if I don't win, I'll have to go shopping – but I'd rather win!)

  22. The layered mother of pearl is beyond amazing1 First time in my life I am wishing I had like 13 kids to list all their names on something like that:} Love all this gorgeous jewelry!

  23. Love the square ones! so cute! I am going on and ordering some now……hopefully i will win too! Thanks Jane!

  24. I can't pick! I love the square one, but I think the layered mother of pearl is my favorite. I have always wanted a necklace with my kids names on it.
    Thanks Erica
    p.s. Your blog is great. I LOVE all your ideas!

  25. Hi there, I'm a friend of Lu's. I LOVE the Mother of Pearl necklace! You have the greatest giveaways!

  26. I do love the mother of pearl necklace, and those baby spoons every kids needs one.. I love this giveaway!

  27. The flower and a circle is beautiful. I think the layered mother of pearl would be really special though. What a great giveaway with easter and spring coming up!

    Pick me, pick me πŸ™‚

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE the mother of pearl layered necklace. I noticed it even has Bella's name already on it πŸ˜‰ I NEED IT!!!! I guess I'll just have to have 10 more kids

  29. Jane,

    I am diggin your blog!!!
    I think "a cup of pearl" or "dainty eclectic" would look cute on Cristie.


  30. They are all beautiful and simple – so tough to pick one favorite. One of my top picks is the circle of love necklace. Oooo! Pick me!

  31. This is such a pretty giveaway! My favorite is the – a simple "i love you" will do. I love it!
    My fingers are crossed πŸ™‚


  33. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. What talent!!! All gorgeous and perfect gifts, especially for all the momma's out there! The layered mother of pearl is my fav!!
    Great blog! I love all of your health tips!! AWESOME!!


  34. I love this site!! I too love the mothers layered necklace but I am a bracelet gal and I love love all of them! Infact I just found my mothers day gift! Yeah me and thank you!

  35. I think the "dainty eclectic" is pretty. I've been wanting to get a personalized necklace for my sister whose two sweet kids are in heaven. I know she'd love it.

  36. Layered Mother of Pearl is my Fav! Would LOVE to have this necklace..bea-u-ti-ful! πŸ™‚

    LOVE your Blog!

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