schools out!!!

woot! woot!

on the last day of school, my kids had to go from 8:45 am-10:15am. {lame.}

then we all attended sela’s little gym show.

ate lunch at chuck e. cheese’s.

went home and the neighborhood kids started appearing at our house.

{we have always been the ‘hang-out’ house. which i love.}

dusty organized a serious game of wiffleball. {picture above}

i think he loves playing wiffleball with all the neighborhood kids, because HE loves playing wiffleball. love that man. so cute to see him out entertaining them! those kids really adore him. maybe i adore him, too.

yeah, i do.

then, i ordered 15 kids meals from smashburger, to feed all those kids.

then we headed to the movies. cinemark theaters now has kid-sized 3-D glasses, genius, i’ve been waiting forever for them to supply our little kiddo’s with these!

between all of that, and today, there were also two nights filled with night games. dusty took the kids to all purchase new airsoft. this may have been one of the happiest days of kj’s life.

we went to the movies, again.

dusty opened our pool, and everyone went swimming. except me. it’s gotta get warmer before i swim! we opened the grill for the first time last night, and had delicious steak with green beans. mmmmmmm.

myla & kj had their first outdoor tennis tournament on saturday morning. they’ve been inside for months now…myla moved up a level, and we are so proud!

we, with the help of the neighborhood kids, have already emptied 10+ boxes of ice cream bars, creamies, and popsicles. not to worry, my deep freezer is still fully stocked! {these are still my favorite.}

my kids discovered a kitten living behind our house. today they found a dead bird. they have been spending lots of time outside. i bought 2 long jump ropes, and the girls of the neighborhood with me, are working on some serious double-dutch tricks. jump-roping is hard-core exercise!

this summer, kj is only allowed to play the xbox on sunday evenings, so there are a crowd of boys in our theater, right now, surely they will stay up half-the-night playing.

schools out, and we are all very happy!!!

5 responses to “schools out!!!”

  1. love love love those night games with airsoft guns. haha
    way to go Myla on moving up with tennis. are they still at Golds? do they ever play at "Ivory ridge?"

    seriously so much fun to play all day on the last day of school. I want a smashburger kids meal. mmmmm

  2. Love summer! How fun, I wanna come play wiffle ball and have ice cream! Seriously, your family is so cute!

  3. WOW! Schools out – let the parties begin! We feel like we have been going non-stop the last few days too. I will sure miss summer volleyball parties at the Rhodes!

  4. Oh, summer, how I love you…

    Ditto for us on the wiffleball. Ben is the biggest kid out there playing!

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