school lunch = cash reserve

Myla- my child who eats school lunch religiously.
Kiana & KJ – my children who just the idea of eating school lunch disgusts them, and only occasionally will eat school lunch on “pizza day.” Fridays. Kiana & KJ take home lunches to school everyday.

moving on…at the beginning of this school year, I sent my three oldest kids all to school with $20. to give them a school lunch credit. Since then we have not heard anything about how much we owe or if the rhodes family still has any credit…

i have had this conversation with myla almost daily for the past six weeks…

me: “Myla, will you please ask the lunch lady or secretary at school if you owe anything for how many school lunches you’ve had. At least check if you still have any credit or not. Or ask the secretary in the office…”

me, after school: “Myla, did you ask if you owe anything for school lunches?”

Myla: “No, I keep forgetting…”

{Yes, I could have made a phone call and asked myself but I also kept forgetting…}

FINALLY, Dusty was taking the kids to school the other morning and needed to carry in a bag of toys we were donating to a toy drive and I asked him if he thought of it, to ask the secretary what Myla owes or the credit she has for lunch…

When my kids were in public school they would occasionally buy a milk on credit and within 24-48 hours I would receive a note sent home in their bags saying I immediately owed 50 cents…or something.

Well, at private school, it seems school lunch credit is more comparable to a cash reserve. Because we owed $215.00! Yes, that’s right. Myla was behind two-hundred-and-fifteen dollars! How many school lunches is that exactly? for one child!

That must be some type of outstanding school lunch balance RECORD!

my Myla…

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  1. Oh my, Boston totally has a Balance i am sure!! I do the same to him too, ask if we owe any money? I think we only gave him $50 at the beginning of the year! No one sent anything home to us, and we are used to the lunchroom notices from Hillcrest. How funny, this should be really Interesting!! haha

  2. This story cracks me up! I send my kids to school every day with a really nice lunch from home. I was shocked to learn that I had accrued a hefty balance with the lunch lady! As it turns out, Quincy was enjoying a cafeteria breakfast every morning without my knowing!:)

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