school christmas parties

Our kids’ school finished the 2008 school year with a pajama day!
They were also let out early at 11:30 am after a morning filled with Christmas parties.

KJ’s class had so many fun activities. Mrs. Harken {a.k.a. mrs. sweetie pie} is always incredible. They had a present exchange, colored fuzzy christmas pictures, had lots of treats, and decorated gingerbread houses.

My friend RoxAnna and I helped out with the ginerbread houses-
My friend Jenn planned the 3rd grade class party, and it was an INCREDIBLE party! The 3rd graders came into the gym and watched “the snowman vs. santa” in 3D. Then they had a cookie and hot cocoa buffet.

Kiana’s class only had about 5 kids come to school today. She gave 3 of her good friends “harajuku” perfumes as gifts and they are showing them off here in the picture.

Kiana/Whitney/Ms. Shunway/Sunni/Katewe love our teachers, merry christmas!

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