say it ain’t so…

scotty turned the big 4-0!

this past weekend, we celebrated scotty’s 40 years at the bellagio in vegas, thank you for letting us join you. we truly cherish your friendship. and we warmly wish you many many more wonderful years to come –

you are truly one of the dearest. xoxo.

“it’s all for you…baby”

chris/suz/birthday boy
suz/me/brittneythe birthday dinner-one waitress asked if this was all a joke?!?
she said, “there’s no way he’s 40!”

thank goodness for awesome dancers! i hope they are getting paid well, since they are definitely the highlight of the show!

criss angel:

we had seats on the front row, and center. unfortunately for criss angel, they should charge people MORE money for the back row and less for the front row.
we all left the show NOT believing…


40 + 1 day…
some more pool time…
suzie Q and i stopped by sephora to red-lipstick shop, inspired by an adorable rockstar, i’m trying to find the right shade of red, it can be tough…not too orange, not too berry, etc…we had fun 😉

do you have a recommendation for a favorite true red?

jersey boys – the story of frankie vallie & the four seasons…

jersey boys:

dinner at capital grille – verrrry good.
the birthday boy can’t have enough kisses, right?
at capital grille when you turn 40, they give you three desserts on the house!


the birthday party was over. {boo}

but dusty, danny, and i did a few more things…

the bellagio gardens- notice the poppies! love them. but the frog stole the show, don’t ya think?
dusty & danny next to the world’s largest chocolate fountain, and moi on my way to see original pop art!!!dusty & danny were very willing to go with me to the bellagio art gallerie to see…i loved it!!! cool thing is, we just started studying the 21st century pop artists this week in art history!and lastly, but maybe the funniest…

the hangover.

funny, funniest thing…
just before going to see this movie,
danny bought this shirt from urban outfitters.
alan wears the exact same tee nearly the entire movie!!!
life is good.

7 responses to “say it ain’t so…”

  1. My Mom went and saw the hangover this past weekend and she said she hasn't laughed that hard in so long! Glad you had a good time and a fun getaway those kinds of things make life fun! Have a great summer!

  2. Wow it looks like you had Perfect weather! Great time to escape.
    Happy Birthday to Scotty! LOVE the Menu and the kisses.
    I bet it was fun to hang out with just you guys for the days after his birthday.

    Cute pictures!

    P.S. Don't forget about our bike ride tomorrow at 12:30 ish, as soon as Cynthia is done with tutoring…

  3. Ha ha, I just got back from Vegas too. Looks like we had a similar itinerary 🙂 I hope you had crepes at the Bellagio, yum! And we LOVED the Hangover! It was so funny. Looks like you guys had a ton-o-fun 🙂

  4. Someday can you take me on a trip? I want to party with you and Dusty!

    You asked me in my blog for photos- absolutely you can have whatever you need. Also, the 36 hours was cumulative of their regular classes they attended that week before bootcamp.
    So yeah-they are tough cookies for 11-12 year olds!

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