we have a family tradition of visiting santa at our local mall ever year.
{previous years, here, here, and here!}

he’s magical, this santa has a real white beard, real white mustache, and white hair. can you imagine spending your entire golden years looking like santa?!? all year long! if he has grand kids, they must think grandpa is the coolest guy in town.

kiana would like a new laptop, hers died this year.

myla has no idea what she wants. maybe an iphone, maybe money to save for things she wants, maybe…nothing. {she’s a very content girl.}

kj asked for an ipad, and some construction/fire trucks.

sela would like every barbie house, doll, bratz you can imagine.
{she may need to slim down her list!}


what are your kids asking for? what are you hoping for?

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  1. Beautiful photo! I'm a lot like Myla in that way, I can never think of anything I REALLY need around Christmastime. This year I hope to get an Ipod of some kind (Nano, iTouch, iPhone, something like that). I've wanted to just buy one myself since the summer but I've stuck it out until now!

    Happy shopping everyone!

  2. *4 yr old: A pet pillow seems to be at the top of the list!
    *2yr old: "Stinky" the garbage truck toy.

    Not sure it's the best move but we will be getting 2 marshmellow shooters too!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! I love checking in to see all the fun trips, ideas and family fun you have.

  3. Sela looks SO grown up! I can't believe it! And I love KJs combination of iPad and trucks – it's like modern world / traditional toy. Love it. Chase is content – not really asking for anything. Caden wants a sit down scooter like Chase's, a video camera that mounts to his surfboard, fushigi? ball, and some games. The ONLY thing Crew asks for consistently is Hungry, Hungry Hippo. Go figure. Merry Christmas!

  4. darling picture with Santa. Seriously we have been lucky these last few years with the perfect santa! We went to Riverwoods and sat on that santas lap and he was fabulous too.

    My kids told Santa they wanted …
    xbox kinect, mindflex, toe shoes~boston
    Dsi xl~livi
    iphone~ivy haha no joke, she is asking for one!

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