santa monica pier polaroids

kiana and i really like the santa monica pier.
so we went there, twice.

tandem bike riding.
{as we rode; we chose our favorite beach houses we’d like to own}



the ocean.

the beach.

we really like it there…

{kiana and her pal destinee}

4 responses to “santa monica pier polaroids”

  1. I love your polaroid summer. I need to get Boston's polaroid out and start snapping a few!
    I LOVE the Santa Monica Pier. Glad you got to hang out on the beach for a day too.

  2. Santa Monica was the place I moved all by little self seven years ago so it just always makes me smile to think about it. I don't blame you guys for going over and over.

  3. Very cool polaroids! I love how they look vintage. And might I add, you all look so darling in your bikini's! I love your ruffle swimsuit top! You look uh-mazing! 🙂

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