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Sadie Hawkins group dinner via seejaneblog

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In this post I mentioned that Kiana just went to Sadie Hawkins – a girls choice dance here in Utah. For the group date, I agreed to host all twenty teenagers in her group for dinner. The day after Halloween. In retrospect, WHAT WAS I THINKING??? It was a mad dash to put away Halloween decor, and re-set our house to host!

This past spring and summer I rented farmhouse tables from Alpine Event Rentals twice – after paying for them, my husband decided it was time to build our own and save what it was costing us to rent them each time. It was way more economical. So, the thoughtful man that he is – he made me TWO tables with the help of our best friend Danny. When Alpine Rentals delivers these tables the legs are not attached. They set them up for you – and this got me thinking — I had been pinning images on Pinterest with low table legs — so I asked the guys to make me a set of short 15″ legs AND a set of regular legs so I can switch them back and forth as I want!!! This was the first time to use my new tables AND my first time to host a dinner with guests sitting on the floor. After the years we have spent in Asia, we love it. I hope all of our guests do too!

Even though I was exhausted, I LOVE spending time with these teenagers, and especially a big group of them. The theme for their dance was, “going to the movies,” and their group decided on a modern Grease theme. It was killer.

Cheers to fun years in high school!!!

Photos by: Mindy Johnson

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  1. omg i love this! my friends an i are looking to dress up as grease for halloween and during my google search i came across these images! I am in love with the low table and awesome blog <3

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