Myla’s class had to read a biography for their book reports this month. Then they dressed up as the person, and gave an oral report. They gave the report in 1st person without saying who they were and then at the end, the class could guess…

Myla’s buddy Boston already knew who she was, and Myla made all her buddies promise not to say till the end, so at the very last word, Boston yelled “You’re Sacagawea!” it was cute. Also, Sacagawea had traveled with Lewis and Clark and her “best boy” was Clark for his book report. It was very cool. I wish I would have gotten a picture of all her friends together!

Myla was such a cute Sacagawea! She not only did great on the report, but she really loved learning everything this amazing Indian woman did.

2 responses to “Sacagawea”

  1. Oh i wish i would have stayed to watch her! SOOO Cute~!
    All those kids were so fun to watch, b/c all the buddies knew eachother’s person and you could tell they were dying to yell it out!! haha

  2. She looks darling! She and Chase were talking all about Clark and Sacagawea yesterday when they were doing pumpkins. I love when they love to learn!

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