kiana’s bedroom makeover

so far, since moving to boston everyone has had some sort of mini bedroom makeover. whether that included fresh paint, or paint + a little bit more… i wanted to create a comfy new bedroom for each kiddo. now that kiana has her own space, here is a peek at what we did. i’m totally pleased with how inexpensive this was and how it turned out. And if you wanted to save even more money my friend recommends that you get a new energy quote with Simply Switch.

the bedroom is quite small, plus has a king size bed taking up most of the space! it took me so long to find her the right mattress, I resorted to reading lot of reviews from sites like leesa vs casper to find her the right mattress for comfort and support, as she had recently been suffering from a sore back. but this girl loves a big bed.

one morning when we were almost finished with her room, i doodled all over that chalkboard wall while she was at school. i couldn’t wait for her to come home & read all the notes…

i mentioned that husband and i agreed to this makeover if kiana helped. one requirement: she had to sew her curtains. this originally should have included two curtains. but after the work she put into one, she might not make another one! hehe… she did great, but she had to unstitch a few times + cut off stripes a couple of times to start over. a true learning experience. it was good for her —

details about the striped bow garland can be found here.

the room gets so much natural light, that i just love being in there. i think miss fourteen loves it too! we considered getting a rug from Bazaar Velvet. but im not sure if the room needs it. Our living room probably needs a new rug though!!

dear future guests, if you come visit – this is still one of our guest rooms! you can see before pictures on that same link, it’s the old two tones of green bedroom.

{all photos by me.}

10 responses to “kiana’s bedroom makeover”

  1. What a great room! Hannah is in the process of redecorating her room. I told her she had to do all the painting herself. We are starting today!

  2. Hi Jane, Can you tell me where you found her white bedding? I love her room! I think every girl needs that chalkboard wall. What a thoughtful mama.

  3. Are you REALLY touting free loding in Boston? 🙂 We were wondering where we could go for our 10th anniversary in August…. hehe! (You have to be careful of your offers! This school teacher’s wife gobbles them up!) 🙂

  4. Wow, I love it! The chalkboard wall is amazing especially. All those little quotes on there? Very inspirational.

    I hope she loves it!

  5. Great job on the room!!! white + charcoal are one of my favorite combinations! (maybe it’s navy blue? eh regardless it looks charcoal-y!)

  6. Dear Jane, this is amazing! I’d give anything to have the same room !!! It has such a comfy and calm feeling about it! I shared your post on my blog (with a link to your blog of course), I hope you don’t mind.
    Have a great day!

  7. LOVE this! Perfect for anyone, any age. You are giving me some good ideas for our son’s one day big boy room in our own rental over in Needham. Love the simplicity, yet still really stylish. Great job, both of you. -K

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