road trip polaroids…

i keep going back to look at this picture {above}, over and over…
it’s my favorite from our whole trip.
i love our shadowed eyes,
my big papi’s wrinkles, they are the sexiest thing ever.
why is it, men look so good with those wrinkles. not fair.
love our boston hats.
terry francona just chillin’ in the background!
our road trip was about three weeks ago,
daily since then, husband and i have been day dreaming…
we want to sit at EVERY red sox game.
in seats like those.

the two polaroids below are pretty great, too.

2 responses to “road trip polaroids…”

  1. I just love this picture of you and Dusty because all I can see are two sets of gorgeous perfectly straight white teeth!

  2. i too love this picture! I love the pearly white teeth, but mostly i love how you are two of the biggest most gorgeous fans of the red sox!!

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