road trip, day 2…

the red sox lost game 2 in the series.

but, with the seats we had…

the game was amazing!!!

7 responses to “road trip, day 2…”

  1. How have I missed so many posts? Awesome trip! Looks so fun and you look so skinny! On a side note, if things don't go well in the design industry, you could get a side job as a movie critic!

  2. That shot with Varitk and Pap's is classic because you see Giambi rounding the bases as he a walk off home run to win the game. For those that don't know… Giambi is the ONLY player I know that admitted to steroid use without excuses… You gotta hand it to him for that. They guy said, yep, I did it and it was wrong and I won't do it again.

  3. I ran across your blog and was wondering how you get your hair to curl the way it is in this post. It is beautiful! Please let me know.

    Thanks a ton!

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