right this minute…

dusty & i are headed to the airport.

we are beginning our route to the philippines.

it takes 25 hours from point A to point B.

strangely, we have different routes to get there, and this is going to be

one of our three flights is 13 hours. {alone.} no husband. no kiddies. just me and free time to watch movies, read, sleep, and get restless all on my own. it’s liberating and lonely all at the same time.

in the philippines, we’re going to share in the celebration of one of our dear friends weddings this weekend, and dusty will work, and we will play.

i am soooo looking forward to this trip and all it will offer. i am going to spend lots of time blogging, so please leave a comment below {to all my readers who RARELY comment!} and i will follow your link to say, “hey!”

bon voyage!!!

pictures from my first trip to the philippines with dusty, in 1997.
paradise island, davao

7 responses to “right this minute…”

  1. Enjoy your first solo international flight! I frequently find myself alone on a long fight and have gotten to a point where I almost enjoy it – I say almost because there really is very little to enjoy on a 16 hour flight.

  2. Look at the bagginess courtesy of the 90's! Love it!
    Try to enjoy your time! I'm sure you will sorely miss your kids… for at least 15 minutes!

  3. Have fun! I am assuming it will be a quick trip with Christmas right around the corner. Enjoy the peace and quiet by yourself. I just did that on the way to California and it was very unsettling. We need to do it more often! 😉

  4. ha! i flew to canada with five coworkers this weekend and i kept thinking-it's SO ANNOYING to fly with other people.

    i have a feeling it's different when it's your hubby right ; ) hope you enjoyed that solo time!

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