right this minute…

i need to start eating better.

but, i’m going to start tomorrow.

i have been a magnet for sugar. cupcakes. ‘nothing bundt cakes.’ chocolate candy bars…

you name it, i cannot seem to keep my hands off it, today.

AND tonight, my daughters, girlfriends, and i will be eating dinner here and going to this movie…
that’s why i can’t {refuse to} start eating better, till tomorrow. pretty good excuse to me.

in other news, i did a photo shoot for this online boutique last night. it was fun. i met a handful of great, talented women, and learned about a charming online boutique all in one event, nothing like enjoying some time meeting new friends and trendy sweaters. but, one pair of shorts i was supposed to fit in to at the photo shoot, didn’t fit. yeah. because i need to start eating better!


sela has been watching ‘annie‘ in the car as we drive around… my cute little miss three is a broken record. she is stuck, singing, “tomorrow…tomorrow…i love ya… tomorrow…” and that is all she has memorized. it’s the perfect theme song for me, today.

i had a little free time this afternoon, and decorated my chalkboard wall with a little festive fun…

{by tomorrow, my chalkboard wall probably won’t look the same…after it gets touched by my little munchkins.}

6 responses to “right this minute…”

  1. I'm sitting here writing this while eating chocolate and drinking coke…. must start eating better tomorrow 🙂

  2. I love your chalkboard! You are such an awesome artist, I love seeing all of your projects, you have a wonderful talent! I definitely hear you on the sugar!

  3. As a wiseman once said… "Don't do today what you can put off for tomorrow." 🙂 Good luck baby mama…

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