Ribbon Bar :: for girl athletes!

last night we hosted our first high school team dinner because kiana is now on the freshman softball team!!! we are so excited. i wanted to do something special for the dinner since we were the first team dinner kicking off the season.

i have always been a fan of ribbons at the end of braids and tied to the tops of ponytails for sporty girls – i think it’s the perfect detail. so, i went to Jo-Ann’s fabric store, and stocked up on my favorite red & black ribbons, the local school colors. i displayed the ribbons as the center piece for dinner, and had scissors to cut the ribbons and coordinating gift bags for the girls to use. each girl chose what ribbons she liked, and everyone took home a bag of ribbons home for this season. it was a total hit. {ha! pun.}

ribbon bar via www.seejaneblog.co

ribbon bar via seejaneblog

ribbon bar details via seejaneblog

ribbon bar for softball girls via seejaneblog

i really like the team dinners tradition. all of the sports teams at our high school have dinner together at different family homes who volunteer to feed the athletes the night before every game. this is totally new to us – does your local high school or high school teenagers do this? it’s a great way to unite the team, and a good way for parents to get to know the kids you are cheering for more personally.

good luck WHS girls softball teams!!!

{pictures by me, Jane Rhodes}

4 responses to “Ribbon Bar :: for girl athletes!

  1. I grew up in MA and as far as I know a lot of towns have this tradition! I know that my sailing and field hockey teams always did this 🙂

  2. we did these dinners in NJ before soccer games. usually pasta was served 🙂

    your ribbon bar is a great idea.

    i’m excited for HS sports and getting a better feel for our community. for now it will be coach pitch baseball.

  3. My son is on the Jordan HS JV soccer team (here in Utah) and the team has a “team dinner” once a week at the home of on of the players’. Sadly, the boys could care less about details…it’s all about the food and how much they can eat…oh and what’s for dessert. It is a definitely a great way to get to know the boys and for them to be together off the field.

    Love your ribbon bar…hopefully someday I could use this idea for my daugher!

  4. Love love LOVE this idea! So cute and creative! (… But sadly, somehow I don’t think it will be such a “hit” in our home full of boys! Maybe shoelaces? Or team tattoos? I will keep thinking…) But the team dinners is a super fun tradition.

    Our big boys are both drafting this week and the littles start T-ball in a few weeks. We will have all 4 playing this year! Oh how I LOVE BASEBALL season! 🙂

    And CONGRATS to Kiana! How fun for all of you!

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