restaurant tour continues…

while Kiana was at rehearsal today (deja vu for some of you) we made reservations through Open Table for Oasis Cafe. This is my first experience with Open table, I registered online just to make reservations for Oasis Cafe today. But, I wanted to pass it along because it seems really cool & convenient. You simply register, use their company online to make your dining reservations and by showing up to these reservations you earn dining credits which give you perks in the end! Also, you have the option to have them notify you by email when local restaurants may be having special events you are possibly interested in. Cafe Oasis had DELICIOUS, and a really affordable menu. We had a late lunch there, which is what I would recommend. Its very health-conscious, fresh, and YUMMY! The atmosphere is very casual/earthy/rustic elegant and not something you can find in Utah county.

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