report time.

Kiana has been studying the civil war at school, and each student has been focusing on different events during the war. Kiana had “the battle at antietam.” She has spent the last week working on her display board, and did it all by herself. She died vaseline blue for her river and has the confederates fighting the union across the river. i loved it! good work bear!
Kiana also had a book report due, this month her class could choose a book of their own choice and she chose “shug.” Her class made posters this month. You can’t really tell from the picture, but she made 3-D letters very adorable with glitter…Myla’s class read mystery books this month and she read, “the ghost, white house, and me.” Her class made “mystery-cans” for their book report. She decorated a cocoa can, and stuffed it with items that all symbolized something from her book. She will present it to the class and have them try and guess what she read…good work moosey!

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