rent our backyard

are you looking for a charming outdoor atmosphere to host a party or event?

we are breaking into a new market, and offering the use of our backyard!

it is an affordable, intimate, perfect place to gather for all life’s events.

gator properties

our yard offers a play-set, trampoline, swimming pool with tube slide, hot tub, sand volleyball court, water feature with pond, gas fire pit, bbq grill, fully gated.

take a look-
small weddings
birthday parties
company parties
business meetings
family reunions
date night

contact us, we are now taking reservations
for july 18th through october 1st, 2009.

5 responses to “rent our backyard”

  1. I look at your blog every now and then and never really have time to say hi but i wanted to say this is beautiful.. I am totally inspired by your healthy lifestyle and cant wait to start the atkins diet once im not pregnant.. Anyhoo just wanted to say hello i found your blog through Susan's by the way im friends with her little sister.. Your just so cute..

  2. LOVE the fourth of July polaroids! We had so much fun!
    10 DAYS? that is awesome, have so much fun and good luck to Kiana!
    What a Jam packed July for you guys!
    We will definitely miss you. Does that mean i can use starlee? 🙂

    The grapes were delicious and your backyard is the perfect spot for ANYTHING!!

  3. We may just have to take you up on it. What are you renting it for $$$$
    The frozen grapes were so yummy. I may have to steal the recipe then I can look like a little homemaker in Tokyo! Kiana did great at the Stadium of Fire. Your girls are sooo beautiful.

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