regina spektor

is my current all-time favorite female music artist.

talent beyond belief.

her concert was extraordinary.

my favorite song all night, regina did a capella,
here is a peak at it from the slc show…

“silly eye color generalizations”


one of these days, i’ll figure out how to take great pictures at concerts with terrible lighting. without taking my big camera. until then, these were from my iphone

beckster & moi~

our hubby’s went with us, and danny! there is no competition for how fantastic regina’s concert was, but definitely the funniest thing all night {since we survived} was dusty turning down a one-way street the WRONG way! omgosh. 30 headlights facing us at once. no one knowing what to do, with a huge hummer staring at them coming the wrong way. funniest thing was, two other cars followed him. i really may not have ever laughed so hard, in my entire life.

we squirmed {hummer style} our way to safety, eventually.

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  1. "Samson" is one of my all time favorite songs. When I need a good cry I turn that one on and let the tears come. She is really amazing.

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