myla-moosey’s party!!!

the four amigos. cason – 12, kj – 8, brevin – almost 10, and myla – 11-and-a-half. you would think they would be buddies by the oldest two and the younger two… but, no. cason – twelve hangs out with kj – eight because they are the gamers… and brevin – 10 hangs out with myla – almost 12, because they are the quirky little athletes. i cherish these cuties.

{myla & kayman}


myla’s party quickly moved from the pool to the sand volleyball pit.

this sand pit {fyi – it’s FOUR feet deep with sand!} is just as loved as our swimming pool, i might miss it the most out of our entire home – all the fun volleyball memories…

2 responses to “red.”

  1. ok, i am so bummed we missed out at this party! boston loves all those kids!! myla and her creativie play is what i will miss most. i do love all the memories though!

  2. You are so amazing at throwing parties, I love all of your pictures. What a cool idea to do the color themes! So sweet that each of your kids was able to have a great party with their buddies before you move. I love the picture of Sela on her way to her first sleepover…she is so darling!

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