RED SOX win the 2007 world series!

Go to Taco Bell on Tuesday for your free taco thanks to Tacoby Bellsbury, Red Sox Center Fielder!
Seriously, though can we all remove our hats and take a moment of silence to honor the World Champion Boston Red Sox and hope for the Yankees to rebuild thier depleted team in time for at least a decent showing in ’08. Then there are the Rockies (40 fresh U.S. dollars sitting in my pocket courtesy of Jared Blanchard). Yes the Rockies… the Minor League’s Champion sent to play the Red Sox. What a great run they had toward the end of the season (notice I say toward the end of the season because it was abruptly halted at the end). As we fondly pay respect to 2004 part 2 I just want to say thank you to a supportive Red Sox wife for enduring another season.

3 responses to “RED SOX win the 2007 world series!”

  1. We watched the game last night… good show! Congrats! Since I was biased I would have said the same to Lissette had the Rockies one 🙂

  2. Congrats, Red Sox! Seriously, FREE tacos?! Sweet! I wonder how much that will end up costing them. I wich I was in New York or a big city so I could tell all the homeless people to go to Taco Bell!

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