red ribbon week

here in utah, red ribbon week is a week-long focus on choosing to say no to drugs.

this past week, our kids joined their friends at school in daily themes, activities, and fun assemblies…

monday: wear red
“red ribbon day” opening assembly with magician

tuesday: dress up ready to dance, listen or play music
“tune out drugs!” the kids had a lunch-dance which included the hokey pokey, chicken dance, and limbo!

wednesday: dress up as what you want to be when you grow up
“you can live the dream…if you don’t do drugs” a presentation on the brain and effects of drugs, a visiting neurologist let them touch a real brain!

thursday: dress-up like a clown
“don’t clown around with drugs,” and they had a lunch circus! animal balloons included!

friday: crazy hair day
“don’t be crazy-stay away from drugs,” a closing assembly with miss utah.

6 responses to “red ribbon week

  1. What a great thing to celebrate! I love that your school goes all out. It looks like such fun. I love the tutu and toe shoes with jeans. Very cute.

  2. that is awesome! What a good Idea to theme each day with something to do with NOT using drugs! So cool!

    LOVE the crazy hair day!

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