red. orange. yellow.

there is a road that leads to our neighborhood,
it’s named carterville road.
i have a sentimental obsession with this road.

it’s perfect.

it embraces all four seasons.

some people are annoyed with this road,
because right in the middle of town,
it has speed bumps. lots of speed bumps.

i, on the other hand, am fond of the speed bumps.
it forces me to s l o w d o w n,
enjoy this little sanctuary as i leave and return from home,
every single time.

as i’ve been driving up and down this road lately,
there are moments when i find myself in complete awe.

the colors are so vibrant.


happy autumn, while it lasts…
winter is anxious to get here, where we live.

2 responses to “red. orange. yellow.”

  1. ahhhhhh, i too LOVE carterville rd… especially this time of year. that's my favorite run too.

    thanks for capturing it for me!

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